Saturday, September 20, 2014

From Plein Air Study to Studio Piece

This past July I was in Eastern Idaho painting,  actually on the West side of the Tetons.  I was given directions for a great place to paint called Fox Creek, but was told that there was water over the road but it is ok to drive through it.  So, off I went.  Saw the water and went on in.  Wow!  I got through it but the water was about 18 inches deep.  Thankfully I was in my 4Runner.  Of course, it was a dead end road, so I had to return.  This time I was smart enough to use the 4 wheel drive.

While out there i did this small study of Fox Creek.

Recently I revised the painting in my studio.  While I used the information from the study, I re-organized the painting and improved the composition.