Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Designing a Painting

After doing a plein air piece in the Grand Canyon and taking numerous photos, I started a studio piece.  Here is the photo:

What caught my eye was the rock formation in the foreground.  I thought that would be a great focal point. So I proceeded to paint the piece with the full rock formation including the 'top note' as I was calling it.  Finally, I had the majority of the painting done, all except the small details that put the finishing touch to a painting.  This is when I start to study the painting regarding the next steps.  

After looking at the painting I realized that the 'top note rock' was just too odd and it got in the way of exploring the painting.  I removed it.

Here is the final piece:

With the ' top note' removed the eye can explore.  Also I painted the focal point brighter than the other rocks, and increased the shadow, and used hard edges, with the idea in mind that this brings the eye in and is the point fro which to explore.  Also, on the far canyon wall, where the focal point meets the far canyon wall, I increased the contrast just a bit, to bring the eye in, and the background cloud also is just a bit whiter.  There are all ways to help the eye explore the painting.  Notice the green bushes in the foreground, I grayed them a bit, but they also curve around to the focal point.

Happy Painting,  Bruce