Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cathedral Rock Reflections - Sedona

"Cathedral Rock Reflections"
Oil On Linen, 8" X 12" $275

There are many paintings of the red rock formations in Sedona, and it is a great place to paint, once you get away from the main tourist places.

Sometimes it is important to "paint" a scene that makes one wonder, and at times makes the artist wonder if they can paint the scene!  That happens all too often.

Painting reflections can be a challenge but I have learned that the reflection is just a bit darker and to paint the water put the paint on thick and pull some 'water' straight down towards the viewer.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

"When is a Painting Finished?"

Artists are often asked how do they know when a painting is finished.  Each artist asks himself or herself this question with each painting.  There are probably as many methods to knowing when a painting is finished as there are artists.

For me once I have a sense that the painting is nearing completion I take it out of the studio and place it in a spot in my home where I can easily see it from several vantage points and the light is completely natural but no direct sunlight.  I view the painting this way for a day.  I also check the painting in a mirror.  Usually I find small corrections using this process.  Such things as a hard edge that needs softening or a shape that needs a correction.

Now we all know that a frame improves a painting, but the true test of a finished and well-'crafted painting is when the frame neither adds or subtracts.  The painting can stand on its own.  This is exciting when this happens.

I am following the artistic work of another Arizona artist, Josi Callan.  Visit her web site by clicking here or her blog by clicking here.

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